mid-life crisis with some solutions

when is the mid life crisis? in many country men live until 76 so before age 40 would not be a mid life crisis.
the list in a certain book was foolish to group some with some so i fix order, kuz some who succeed ask "is this all? no more? while those less successful know the answer: more success and their expectations and dreams are more than they have.
new order:
when men have a "midlife" crisis what are the issues they usualy face? we can group two groups those who succeeded at their careers and the rest… of US.
first: if succeed some successful have a crisis is this all? nothing more? which can be "solved" either emotionally or materialy. for example remembering "i have a family and i love" maybe a wife i love or if not her at least the brats. material: to ADD more: new car or hobby or travel in response to "is this all to life?" due to the crisis.
for others the crisis is harsher. some did not acheive expectations then they can answer "more would be those failures" ergo in response some switch careers to solve the crisis.
those who fail feel low self esteem or men feel anguish life not his "youthful aspirations". they might feel regrets, or low self esteem…. unless success at his career.
so how to solve those?

1, expectations failed or disappointment. realizing those expectations were probly not realistic or not in contrl then it is "not your fault" about failing and not low self esteem. or to admit "i was mistaken to expect it now i know." which can also lead to a career change.
2, low self esteem some feel like their failures indicate they are too weak or failures. however this too can be comforted that many things were "beyond your control" which can lead to regrets but solves the first two. feeling regret can be solved by admitting "too late now perhaps i was wrong or chose wrong but now it is already done. same as a caught criminal cannot change do not worry about the past jjust take the punishment the past cannot be changed.
3. if "youthful aspirations" not acheived perhaps they were "too+ "youthful" or error or beyond control… redirecting the crisis to regret as above.
4. regrets: the past cannot be changed so harmful to think of changing the past. if your own chases regret does not benefit. if others deserve blame then THEY will say "the past cannot be changed" which despite true does not free them from apologizing and only a monster would not apologize.
do i feel any of those?
is nothing more to life? i did not succeed so success would be more.
i never expected success so no disappointment. i hoped but most things were beyond my control so i realize not my control.
failure or ow self esteem? if i have a skill than i AM good for that skill even if that career failed it does not define me after i have a skill unless i lack a skill then i need to get one.
my aspirations were to "teach a certain religion" and i did not do that… it seems i failed my goal but actualy i realized that goal was the wrong direction my "lack of acheiving it was a choice" that i admitted my error to decide that goal.
regrets many but i know i cannot change them so i do not try to think of a different path and if you do… then rent the video "butterfly effect"… at least now you cannot change the past.
sometimes marriage can cause a problem the same wife can be boring or worse if she is annoying… if you are not catholic divorce her between misery and loneliness get away from misery. if you are catholic… perhaps time to change that and stop following the pope and get divorced… the king of england did. unless you regret not making a pre-nup contract then you cant change it so go to counseling and whine "i want my marriage to work but she is so annoying" which is true due to the lack of a pre-nup!
so all the problems have simple solutions.

zionism in the early 1900s

jewish migration around year 1900
after a wave of jew came to the "ancient land israel" in 1880's the jews debated different angles of jewish homeland.
was the solution to change the situation "in russia"? or to find a new land in east africa? or to generate a new system of marxism in the ancient israel?
in year 1903, herzl "secured the british offer for territory in est africa." page 64. herzl met with prime ministers. land in east africa would be arranged for a jew regime there like a colony. however, these efforts were fruitless because after herzl died the zionist congress insisted on the ancient home. in 1905 decided settle there. zionists were active in mzany countrys germany russia briton and eastern european countrys. also in 1905pogroms in russia caused jews to flee some to the "holy land".
*** second [kuz first in 1880's]
the "second" wave of aliya was from 1905 until the war, 30 k jews left europe for the "holy land". most did not stay under turks.
jewish national fund, was an organization for dnations and "land purchase" under the turkish rule. in 1911 insisted on "extensive land purchasing". then weizman convinced others to use hebrew and zionists emphasized studying hebrew in many countrys. famed scientist einstein joined the german zionists. marxism caused a "rift" jews in the holy and who owned land felt threatend by the marxist arrivals who wanted socialism meaning public ownership. later collectivism showed success but at this time, around 80% of the aliya enterers did not stay.
one orthodox rabbi joined the zionists: mohilever. he and reines wanted orthodox judaism as the revival of ancient israel.
jews in russia wanted jewish equality "in" russia. this cased conflict with zionists. a marxist system could be generated in the almost empty land by jordan river under turkish rule. this could blend zionism of reviving the ancient land with the popular marxism. jews could work in "all parts" of economy in contrast to the limits in russia in places to live and limited types of jobs.
in these decades over "50 thousand jews" were living in ancient israel the "holy land". rothschild had an organization pica buying land. plan to sell land to arrivals who would work their land. the plan included preparing the future farmers with training. this materialized p. 88 around 1909, as loans were used to buy land and a company sold plots to settlers. [before the plan?? in 1911 on an earlier page!!]
several "collectivist" like public ownership worked together and several such settlements succeeded. plantation settlements grew fruits and sold for profit. perhaps "talk" with prime ministers was only talk but successful settlements attracted government interests. which led to the balfor declaration in 1917 when the brits wanted help fighting ottomans. they made deals with arabs and with jews… replacing the 1903 offer mentioned above.

when is the "traditional" jew new year

rabbis including orthodox and mishna REFUSE to accurately represent jewish tradition
they teach new year that differs from the ancient jews

josepus book 3 preseved that nisan… the babylonian name after the exile still… nisan was "the start of OUR year." not only for counting months but for start of YEAR and not onnly in moses "40 YER" from exiting egypt but even as late as josepus after jesus the jews considered "our year" in nisan not like the later mishna which did not accurately represent jewish tradition.

two holy tales

מבין הסיפורים הרבים של גרים, שהם מעניינים אך רגילים הקדוש ברוך הוא שהוא אלוהי ישראל שלח אותי לפרסם שני סיפורים ולהודיע שהם שומרים סיפור אמיתי שלא רק התרחש אלא שני הסיפורים גם קדושים
the twelve holy ravens and the glowing dwarf
intro: i read two similar tales yet different by grimm. this pair of tales had a similar idea with one theme a sister saved "her brothers from being birds" by silence for many years.
although this tale is less holy than the tale of the thumb sized giant, and only its core is true, recording a real event that occurred and is not only true but also holy as holy as the holy prophecy in book jeremia which is a holy book still both have been mixed and the holiness of both jeremia and this tale is impure. therfore less holy than the tale of the thumb sized giant which not only occurred and recorded in the "legend" but is holier than both the holy tale of the "twelve ravens" and the holy prophecy of jeremiah.
in the same way that the "religious people blindly" accept whatever is in the book of genesis simply because it is in the book, which is a wrong attitude for several reasons, most importantly due to the book genesis, in contrast to holy prophecy jeremia as above, but book genesis is not holy but truly separate from god. still similar to the faith, the tale of the thumb sized giant from grimm preserves a tale not only a true amazing event, but a holy story to belive the story occurred. in contrast to genesis which god bothered to inform our generation that book genesis is truly separate from god and not a holy book and even most of its details are known to be false or simply did not happen.
so i begin with summarizing and publishing the holy tale of the thumb giant due to it holier than the bird tale and then the bird tale to obey the message commanded to me yesterday.
the main part is the ending the defeat if the demons which is the cuse of the holiness of the book. the demons were harmful and this chosen child had a purpose in life to be small and weak yet grew to the purpose and defeated the demons. preferably if you have time read "thumbling dwarf thumbling giant" however to save you time i will summarize iy here both to allow recognizing which tale and to save time for whoever reads this story and believes it honors god. but whoever claims the tale never happenes cannot truly know if it occcurred or not and is only rejecting a holy story and so insults god.
summary of thumbling the dwarf giant
a poor farmer lived a hard life with his wife who yearned for a child. the next part is something we never saw, yet the tale records a true event and is holy.
yesterday when i read this tale among other grimm tales, God sent me as a messenger to publisg that this tale is one of the tales that are not only true events but is a holy and sent me to publish this message that it is holy and even revealed some of the details to complete the story. so i obey this commandment and publish a summary and announce the story is not only true but also holy and therefore anyone who reads this summary or the original grimm story of the thumb giant, one of the few holy tales preserved among grimm legends, and believes this story, honors god and will be rewarded with pleasure both in life despite its difficulty, so pleasure will be added and after the body dies pleasure will be added… but rejecting it… when you do not know and cannot know if at the time of the story it was false, insults the holy story and insults god and is worthy of pain.
after a hard day of toil in the field the farmer [in contrast to cain who toiled in the field and considered bad, in the wrong book genesis as explained in intro but not now] who was a good farmer with a pure heart returned to his farmhouse to his wife. he knew that working the land is good to produce food [in contrast to cotton or coffee which people produce for money]. he was very so tired from working the earth he barely had strength remaining to eat the supper his wife had prepared. she had cooked some potato with cabbage so the flavor of cabbage granted flavor to the potato. then she had separated and served the potatos, to herself and her husband and they ate together. the cabbage was saved in the pot for breakfast.
they ate silently. the fatigued farmer barely had strength to stay awake that evening as he chewed the soft boiled potatos. the wife moaned that she wished she had a child. the farmer sighed and said that "we tried but god has chosen not to grant us one. perhaps if you beg from god he is only waiting for you to ask with begging."
the woman prayed to god, she believed jesus and god were the same one, and begged "my god, please grant me a son even if he is as tiny as a finger."
god heard and granted her a small son who had a great destiny both to symbolize other people and to physicly defeat demons.
before she finished her brief prayer of begging, the farmer soon fell asleep at the table and the wife lost her hope in getting a child.
she went to her bed in their room and full of hopeless despair she cried herself to sleep.
the next morning she awoke and heard her husband already awake doing the many chores of the farm which grew animals and sheep and more imporatntly food such as potato and oat and more grains such as barley which is food for man and beast and wheat and more.
the woman had been lying in her bed and stood up. she felt a moving in her stomik. and heard a voice "woman, lay again for a few minutes." the woman did not accept this as real. and went to eat the cabbage for breakfast. as she ate the moist cooked cabbage she felt her stomik again and heard the voice "you are wise not to believe everything you hear however i will tap three times and you will know i am real." then the lady felt three taps in her stomik. she believed and returned to her bed.
she lay on the soft bed and waited a few more minutes to obey the commandment.
the young boy climbed out onto the bed and he was as small as her thumb and explained he had grown in one night therfore he was small and the birth was painless.
she looked at his tiny body and felt a great love for him. he was born covered in a glow like clothing.
she carried her tiny son to the table and gave him some cooked cabbage. he ate a few bites and was filled. she also ate cabbage but less satisfied her today due to the joy of the child.
soon the farmer [named i dont know his name so i invent… no i must keep the story pure so i will breifly write "purity" to shorten "the poor farmer" and faith to shorten "his wife].
purity returned to the farmhouse carrying fresh milk from the cow. he met his tiny son and the three drank the fresh warm milk.
then the son who they named tom thumb told them the future "greedy merchants would come to buy grain and they will ask to buy me." faith interrupted "never! we wanted you and will never sell you away!" purity nodded but tom continued "i can escape and return to you so i command you to agree."
they had faith.
soon the farmer returned to the many chores and his wife did the many chores in the home. tom was inn the pocket of purity shirt.
a very luxuriously decorated car came to the gate of the farm. two black horses with decorations pulled the car. the farmer went to greet the merchants.
the greedy humans [for that is what they were] offered to buy and process his grain for a small price. purity protested that this was only half of the common price for buying grain. the greedy men tried to convince him "we will process it and buy the whole cut straw and we will separate the kernels so we are doing so much work and even paying you for the useless parts so we will pay less." purity explained that the common price was higher for whole stalks for processing and that they can use all the parts some for human food and some for anmal food.
one man said "if you do not agree that is your choice we can buy from other farmers who will sell for our low price. we do not need your grain." as one turned to walk away tom climbed to the top of the pocket and the partner saw the glow and said "if you add that glowing fairy in your pocket then we will pay the common price for your grain and buy all the grain you can cut today before the sun disappears aand pay the common price per weight.
purity felt pain giving his son away and felt the pain that his wife would feel yet he also recalled the prophecy and saw tom was right so he agreed.
the partners immediate ly gave some money and the farmer began cutting as much grain as he could before sundown.
the fancy car left and as the sun reached the edge of the sky the car returned. purity led a horse pulling a wagon that he filled with cut grain that he cut all day. the partner paid the common price for the cut stalks and attached the wagon to their car. tom clibed out f the pocket and purity gave tom to the greedy men.
the horses pulled the car and the wagon away. at the threshing place tom watched them weigh the grain and warned them to weigh accurately so they did, obeying the magical glowing tiny dwarf.
they saw the weight was more than they estimated and decided not to tell the farmer. however tom warned them to be honest so they obeyed the glowing elf. immediately the artners gave the grain to the workers who processed the grain. they drove the car and the wagon back to the farmer that evening and returned the wagon. they also paid the money of the correct weight.
meanwhile tom climbed thru a window and started to return home to his parents.
tom faced some dangers eaten in the stomik of a cow and later in the stomach of a wild animal but finally he returned to his parents. [this is a summary but you can read the detail in the tale by grimm "thumbling dwarf thumbling giant."] purity thanked tom for participating so the sale was a justly set price.
the day after he returned home, a giant came to the farm. purity felt terror at the huge giant giant… and stood frozen in fear that the giant would accidently step on him or faith or break things on the farm land. tom called to the giant who spread his palm open. tom jumped and flew up onto the palm of the giant. tom told purity that he would return.
the giant carried tom into the vast forest to his home among the trees in the woods.
the giant "ate something" and gave "the same food" to tom. what did they eat? ceratnly a giant would need a huge amount of bread to fill his giant stomik. however the giant had a magic plant that grew in a simple clay pot. he would pick one blossom from the flower and eat it while letting the other blossoms open into flowers. this magic plant was only one plant yet its flowers were each different colors. swallowing one small blossom of a normal sized flower satisfied the giants hunger and needs. tom also ate a bite from the blossom and it caused him to grow to be a giant that moment. tom the thumbling giant returned to his parents to aid them in the farm work. [this part makes me think of the magic beans but these differed were the size of common flowers but each flower of the same plant was a different vivid and livey color].
when purity saw a giant return he heard tom claim to be his son. purity was scared of the giant and did not accept nor believe that claim. he knew his son was tiny and this giant who was so frightful could not be the same one. giant tom helped plow the field and accomplished the work of two days in a short time.
they offered him food as payment for plowing, which tom ate. tom asked them to bring a thick bar of metal so thick he could not snap it and then he would leave so he would not eat all their food in his giant stomik.
purity went to the black smith who worked with iron and metals who made a very thick metal bar.
tom snapd the bar easily. still he left so he would not burden them for his food. tom went to work for a greedy human [for that is what the employer was: a greedy human].
tom offerd to work for the human in exchange for the "fun" of hitting the boss. the boss was happy he would not need to pay him so he agreed.
tom worked at some job. when the sun reached the edge of the sky in evening the boss paid the workers and the time came to pay tom. now he feared the giant even a small hit from a giant would hurt very much. so he begd the giant to change the deal he would give all his land and property to avoid getting hit by the giant.
tom knew he was only speaking from fear and did not want to lose his property so he insisted "we must obey the original agreement."
boss was terrified and promised "i will obey the deal and you may hit me only give me time to prepare for this hit." tom agreed.
boss ran to his friends to think of ideas how to kill him however they all realized that killing a gian who was so strong and giant would be difficult. after many ideas they decided to send tom on a dangerous mission. [this following part already published by grimm was imitated in star trek discovery first episode].
they sent tom to "clean a well." this well that was dug deep into the ground had stopped providing water. it lacked the common stone wall to prevent people falling in. first the boss instructed tom to break giant boulders from a medium mountain and carry them to the edge of the well. then boss instructed him to widen and deepen the well and clean the bottom so water would gather at the bottom as before.
tom praised him for using his strength to provide water. boss hid his true intentions that he did not care that the well had stopped providing water.
tom dug the well wider and deeper digging the bottom and cleaning the bottom and digging deeper until finally water from underground started to gather in the bottom of the deep well.
now that the well was much deeper boss thought the boulders would fall faster and smash the giant so he could avoid the painful hit. his buddies helped and they all pushed the heavy boulders to save their pal. the boulders toppled down and hit tom but he was not even injured by the huge boulders.
tom jumped and flew up as water flowed from underground into the well. he told them to build a simple stone wall circle around so nobody would fall in. they obeyed because they feared his strength. tom announced "now i have done the job of cleaning the water well now is the time for my fun and i will hit you." boss trembled in fear and said "i will obey our agreement but i must have time to prepare please only one more day." tom graciously granted "two weeks" for that is true.
the pals gathered and thought of another dangerous job. they knew of a grinding mill which had real demons that awoke at night. people who used the mil by day did not know about the demons however some people had stayed after dark to finish their job and never returned. boss immediately that same evening, sent tom to grind wheat into flower. when tom reached the mill a man warned him that he must wait until morning for during the dark time dangerous demons killed any man who was in their home. tom ignored the warning and did his job immediately right away during the night. while he worked turning the stones and grinding the wheat into flour, a demon came and hit tom. his glow sheilded him from the spiritual harm. tom hit back and when he touched the spiritual powerful demon, his glow changed to flesh. the force of the blow of the giant killed the deadly demon who had already killed some workers.
other demons came and tred to hit him for entering their home after they slept during the day and each one who hit him the glow sheilded tom and helped his hit destroy demon after demon until only the last one was alive. the last one warned him "you have killed all of our group but you are in our home and you must leave or else i will hit you." tom rebuked him "i am no harm to you i am only using the mill stones so you must not hit me with violence". the demon like most demons are evil and hit tom. again the glow sheileded him from the demon and he hit the demon back and changed him to flesh. the hit killed the deadly demon.
NOW that his purpose was accomplished his glow brightened like a silvery glow of a star and the corpses of the demons changed to flesh crumbled to piles of dust. then the glow resumed as the usual golden glow.
a voice came from heaven and said "you have done your purpose and correctly killed the evil deadly demons and even warned them but they were evil now you can return home to your parents and you can eat the same blossom as the giant."
tom saw time remained before dawn so he searched in the woods for the giant who had fed him. he came o the place of the home ut it was not there. however in that place he saw the plant growing in the ground so he scooped it up from the forest floor and carried it to purity farm where he put it in a clay pot same as he saw the giant do. now purity and faith would not use up the food on his giant stomik.
as the sun appeared at the edge of the sky after dawn, tom came to his boss and said that it is time for my fun. he gave the flour which he had grinded and swung his giant hand at the boss who had been greedy and hired him without pay as tom had offered. the swat caused boss to fly up into the air and soar far… and "if boss has not died from old age, then he is even now soaring and flying through the air."
note: although tom dug the well, to provide water from underground by digging deeper he did no build the wall, but instructed the pals to build a circular wall so people wud not fall down the well and they obeyed.
part two
the twelve ravens.
מבין הסיפורים הרבים של גרים, שהם מעניינים אך רגילים הקדוש ברוך הוא שהוא אלוהי ישראל שלח אותי לפרסם שני סיפורים ולהודיע שהם שומרים סיפור אמיתי שלא רק התרחש אלא שני הסיפורים גם קדושים
intro: the core of the story is not ony true which occurred in the past, a few hundred years ago, in the region of the south edge of the baltic sea, but also holy. therefore God sent me to publish this holy story, and told me which of the stories are holy and true so that i should emphassize and publish them for the core of this story is not only true but truly many witnesses saw on the day of the fire "birds flew down and changed into humans except one who retained his wing". the commandment and message contained details for me to "include and complete the holy story." due to its holiness, therefore anybody who reads this summary or the original grimm story either story of the birds that changed back to brothers, whether twelve ravens or six swans, one of the few holy tales preserved among grimm legends, and believes this story, honors god and will be rewarded with pleasure both in life despite its difficulty, so pleasure will be added and after the body dies pleasure will be added… but rejecting it… when you do not know and cannot know if at the time of the story it was false, insults the holy story and insults god and is worthy of pain.
the twelve ravens [a parallel story had the title "six swans" both stories preserve the parallel versions of the same event and complete each other.]
in a small kingdom where a king ruled only one small city, near the coast of the sea called baltic, his queen was pregnant. the king believed that the lessons of the bible were wise and justice. he appointed judges to judge in pairs. a group of two young students studying the local laws including the books of the bible, and other more modern laws and judgements, would listen with their older guide an experienced judge. they must listen to the claims of the two sides accuser and defendant in arguments about business money sales or about damages or other topics. the pair would then discuss and together decide "pay or not punish or not" and the punishemnt. the teacher would watch and make suggestions but only the pair would decide. if the pair did not agree only then the teacher would side with one of them to tip the majority of the votes. otherwise the teacher only suggested ideas which the students either accepted or rejected and the pair of judges agreed while the teacher was silent.
the following tale has some exciting amazing details which we never saw. god sent me to select and publish that the core of these two versions is one true story but not only occurred but also is holy in contrast to the stories in the book genesis many which are false and therefore not from god and others in book genesis that simply did not occur and those authors were separate from god and the book genesis neither true nor holy however this story with its supernatural event is not only a true event but also holy. therefore whoever reads this summary or the original versions of grimm about the birds changing back to brothers and believes it occurred, is worthy and will have pleasure added into his life despite the difficulty we all face during life and after he dies pleasure will be added however those who reject this story selected from among other legends, and rejects that this story is true or holy despite the warning which god sent me to warn you, is truly worthy now that you have been warned… of added pain.
this king was married to a queen. he also had three "treaty harem" which means he only did the wedding to join one but the others were part of his harem like wives without a wedding as a treaty with neighboring rulers.
each of the four women gave birth to three sons so he had twelve princes [this also preserves the true birth of the twelve sons of jacob that was not accurately preserved in book genesis.]
in the fifth year of his marriaage to the queen, she became pregnant. the king wanted a daughter because he knew eventualy the queen would die and if he only had sons, then no child would replace the queen. he told the queen that he hopes she will have a dauter.
the king about the book of numbers "if a man dies lacking any son then the inheritence will go to his daughter." this idea troubled the king because he believed in the books of the bible yet his heart told him this was not justice. due to the bible he acted: he personnally shaped wood and assembled wood coffins for his twelve sons and expalined to his queen: if you have a daughter then i decree that she must inherit even if i must kill all the sons so people do not protest her inheriting. the queen was sad that her three sons would die… the other nine were not hers anyway…. and thout of a protest and suggested to him "if you kill the boys then no son will replace you as king." he replied that his daughter would be the king and her husband would be like a queen.
he warned the queen not to reveal his plan to anybody who might interfere.
the queen swore to keep the secret and altho she secretly wanted a dauter… she hoped the pregnancy would be a boy so her sons would be safe. ma was even angry at god for making such a rule in the bible that a dauter inherits only if no sons. due to this her sons were at risk.
the fact was: the king decided and acted that he would kill the sons if he had a dauter due to the bible that the only way she would inherit even part of a portion was if he killed his sons the royal princes.
god sent me to teach you that this detail and many others in the bible were not from him nor holy nor truth nor justice. those books such ass genesis and numbers and more except jeremia which is holy, the many others and specificly book numbers are not from god nor holy nor true nor justice. and god bothered to send me to respond to those who are fooled that those books are true or correct.
ma kept her oath and did not tell the harem about the danger to their sons. she did not even warn her own sons due to the oath. however the youngest son saw his ma was worried and he begd her to reveal what troubled her emotions? at first she resisted and insisted she must not reveal the secret but seeing his deep care for her worry combined her love for her sons, she found a solution. silently and obeying the oath not to tell, she led her son to the room with the twelve wood coffins and said "count them."
the wise son understood and told her he would keep the oath and lead the brothers to safety. when the birth will occur she should signal with a flag if boy or girl.
y [for that is how will shorten the youngest] told his brothers that they must leave home due to the danger of a secret. however his brothers doubted any danger. they refused to believe him that there was any danger and refused to leave their home. for the sake of saving their lives y violated the oath and explained that pa wanted a dauter and the only path to her inheriting was if the king killed his sons.
the brothers felt very angry at their father for deciding to kill them. soon their anger was redirected at god for making such a rule… since they thout, as many religious people now believe, that this rule was in the book numbers, is from god, that a dauter inherits if no sons. they were angry that god made such a rule that resulted in this situation.
the twelve sons walked out from the royal palace. they went to live in the woods. they wandered among the many trees until "a floating light led them to a glowing house." it was a magical home in the woods. the sons did not see that as each one enterd the door a flower sprouted from the land behind the home and its bud instantly opened in a blossom of six colored petals.
soon the twelve brothers enterd the home. soon the twelve flowers were a complete row.
the brothers went to hunt for food to shoot birds and other forest beasts. all except the youngest who stayed home and discovered precisely twelve beds with soft mattresses and fabric covers and all the needs. y learned where everything was stored. each morning he would climb a tree while his brothers hunted and wait for the signal from the palace. however day after day no flag of any signal.
the months passed and the brothers enjoyed the meat of the wild beasts that they hunted and that y boiled in water with herbs that y gathered.
finally one fateful morning y saw a flag from a window in the palace. it was a "red flag" symbolizing a red flag…. red like blood they must not return to the palace for the king would kill them and bury them in the coffins he built why? for inheritance.
the brothers despite being twelve and different personality all cooperated [this preserves the real story of the twelve sons of jacob in contrast to the book of genesis much of the story of josef never occurd only a bit but the brother cooperated and almost never argued.]
when they did not agree they would use the king method and ask a third brother to mediate and take sides and whichever side he took the one accepted in practice despite continuing to believe they were wrong.
"ten years passed". the princess saw a row of shirts hanging to dry and for the first time noticed they were varying sizes many not fit for pa. she askd ma "who are those royal clothes for?" [aah back when we were allowed to say that phrase in that order… even good authors ended sentences that way. that is the way people spoke.]
ma revealed to her young ten year old dauter that she had brothers, her 12 sons, who she had never seen nor heard of.
the wild ten year old youth was so excited that she ran into the forest to search for them. again "a floating golden glow led her" to the glowing home.
the brothers except for y were hunting the food for the day to feed their hunger. only y was home. she grabd the handle of the door but could not open it for the magic door protected the home and anybody who lived in it. y heard her and opened the door for this beautiful young princess in royal clothing. he felt such love that he kissed her and they almost sinned together but the young girl protested saying she was too young to have a child so they must wait.
she asked why he lived in the forest and he told the story of the cruel king of this kingdom. the princess knew that was her kingdom and they realized they were siblings. now they hugged as siblings.
y warned her that his brthers might be angry that she caused them to lose their home so he sent her to hide until they returned from hunting.
later, the brothers returned with the birds and forest beasts and y said he has a secret that he can only reveal if they promise not to kill their new gest.
the brothers were eager to hear the secret and said an oath that they would not kill the gest. then y announced that "our sister has found us." some of the brothers were angry that she was the cause of their loss. others explained that they must not blame her… for she did not do anything to harm them.
at first they all ate together and she told her brothers about the palace and the kingdom. she begd to reunite with them and live among them. they agreed and she helped y in the house chores.
the following morning she looked out the window and saw a row of colored flowers. she saw twelve and said "such good luck a wonderful omen. exactly the number i need for each of my brothers to give at breakfast." quickly she picked the twelve flowers… and as she turned around… the glowing home was not where it had been. could all this have been a dream? many ravens were on the ground pecking the earth and some flew away.
the princess started crying and felt that she had lost her brothers when she had finally reunited with them. and they were only together one evening. she sobbed and cried for a long time. the voice of a lady asked her "why did you pick the flowers those were your telve brothers." but she did not believe the lady. she was so sad that she refused to eat all day she did not search for any food even when she felt hunger because her sadness was so great.
later when the sun neared the edge of the sky at evening six swans flew near her. they landed near her and as the sun vanished each one split into two brothers. y explained that magic had changed them into birds. she said "at least now you are all free from the magic…" but in a short time they changed back into twelve black raavens and the oor princess cried for her loss and soon cried herself to sleep.
in her dream she saw a message that she must be silent for a long time and not even laugh. if she would make six shirts and be silent until she completed the task she would free her brothers from the magic.
she waited in the place of the gowing house and as the sun reached the edge of the sky again twelve ravens were flying in circles. they landed in pairs on branches and changes into six swans.
the swans flew to the ground aand when they stoood on the ground they split into her twelve brothers.
she told them her dream and gve them hpe and promised to make the shirts and from the time she started to make the shirts she would be silent. before her brothers could answer they changed back to ravens and flew away.
the princess felt hope and hurried home to get the fabric and sewing materials to make the shirts. she returned to the place in the forest and spent her day making the six shirts. she was silent because nobody was in the forest to speak with.
each night the twelve ravens visited. they attached into six swans but then flew away so she was not tempted to talk to them.
week after week she sewed the shirts and was almost finished her purpose when a king from the nebir kingdom came hunting. his dog found her. [note the core of the story is true but some details in the two legends need to be fixed so the legends complete each other and some details removed].
the king asked her why she was alone in the forest. she believed her dream and refused to speak even to answer the king.
her refusal to speak made the "impatient king" very angry for he was king and everybody must obey the king. he roughly grabd her arm and led her to his palace. the poor princess sobd because she had only sewn five of the shirts the sixth was still missing a sleeve. how would she save her brothers?
the king warned her "you must tell me why you are alone in the forest sewing?" but she refused to answer due to her dream that she must be silent until she "completes the six" shirts.
the impatient king felt angry and yelld at her and warnd he would kill her if she did not answer but she refused to speak and hurried to sew the sleeve on… stitch by stitch by stitch… the king drew his "sword"… and was ready to "cut her in his anger" but then "an angel" of god flew down from the sky and warned "do not move your hand to the girl" [this fixes and preserves and replaces the corrupted story about isac saved by an angel in the false book named genesis].
the king obeyed the angel but called for his advisors. "i decreed death on her for not answering me." the advisor agreed that surely she deserves death and immediately while the king re-vaginated his sword, the soldiers quickly gathered wood and built a "pyre" for burning her.
the angel came again and said "do not move your hand to the girl" but the soldiers did what they thout was justice and dragd the young prindcess to the wood. sadly they had assembled the wood before she finished sewing the sleeve… as they dragd the princess the needle dropd from her hand and she could not finish the last stitches to secure the sleeve to the shirt the poor girl wailed… she had hope and now the hope was lost…
as a soldier lit the wood twelve ravens swooped down and began pecking at the soldiers… but the fire soon spread in the wood and a pair of birds each landed on the shirts that she had carried… they instantly changed into white swans… even before sunset by the love of their sister sewing the shirts.
happily even the sixth shirt did its job and changed the swan into man… all the soldiers saw in amazement the ravens change into swans and then into men… except the one with the partly attached sleeve whose wing remained a wing… the six brothers hurried to throw dirt on the fire and she seeing her brothers as men finally spoke… and promised the king she would explain what happened.
the brothers threw dirt and extinguiushed the fire and saved their sister… and all the soldiers were witnesses that the birds changed to men and saw one brother with a wing.
the king was awed by this wonder and promised he would not be impatient ever again.
the brothers lived long happy lives in the kingdom of this king who refused to pass the kingdom to his son the heir but instead established a council of his sons and the gests to decide together how to govern.
elsewhere the king who had decreed death on his sons died. his kingdom was divided by the three harem wives who inherited the childless king and added the land to the kingdoms of their fathers. the mother suffered from loneliness but had the comfort of knowing that "somehwere" her sons had lived and survived.
even the son with the wing… "if he has not died of old age he is living even today."
endnote: i now obey the command to publish these holy tales so they are available and those who believe can have pleasure added to their lives and benefits and good while those who reject this have a chance… and therefore are worthy of pain for rejecting the gift.

proving scientific history

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Friday, July 23, 2021
proving scientific history
now i can reveal that i changed the units in the "rate of expansion" calculation.
i had a bias that matter mass such as protons do not move faster than speed of light. so i copied the amounts of expansion from the physics book, and exchanged the units, i called the units meter instead of light year, to remove this bias and measure the volume.
background and consequence: when i read a physics book that claimed the rate of expansion in the first second (when the young universe started expanding called big bang) might have been 4 light years in less than one second it conflicted that idea. and i had a problem which to believe? also another issue related: i had thought that the idea of "oscilating universe or expanding" were only "unknown possibilities beyond science" until the physicist mentioned those two ideas as "possible models".
that gave me the idea that i could define the size of the oscilation based on the limit of speed of light.
once you computed that the expansion rate was ">1m" in both expansions, and truly meter was truly light-years we can define that the repeated cycles of oscilation were never smaller than 180 light years volume. as i will explain.
1, "if the universe expanded from infinitismally tiny volume" that model
must include "protons moving faster than the speed of light" 4 ly and 180 ly in less than one year, therefore we can not only prefer oscilating model but even define "not less than 180 light years radius of volume". as i will explain in story form. the preceding cycle of oscilation the volume of mass "contracted" [+ my claim: caused by cold causing contractions see below], until the mass of the universe was concentrated in a smaller volume around 200 light-years radius. then the density and pressure, can and did generate heat as we know it can. the heat caused expansion as we know and from the volume of 200 l.y. the expansion started (due to heat causing expansion) and not less as you proved mathematiccaly, mass scattered until NOW the year we call 2021 when galaxies are speeding apart from each other and the universe continues cooling.
the intense coolness could cause a contraction, as we know cold contracts, to repeat the oscilation.
all i needed to compute was the rate of expansion one l.y.
on this background your computation seems to PROVE oscilating model of repeated expansion and contraction while defining the point of reverse, and while rejecting even PROVING false the model that the universe "started" from tiny volume less than one cubic meter or one liter!! which would include many expansions where protons "needed to move apart" faster than the speed of light which would be impossible according to physics.
in other words we can look at the past when mass was nearer each other but never less than the point when mass such as protons would move more than one l.y. in less than one year.

jule verd n the cherry tree

jule verd n the cherry tree
many years ago…
BASED ON A TRUE STORY names and places changed for privacy.
summer vacation was boring, so boring; better than stupid boring school but boring. i had a tv but my zealous parents forbid me to watch even a bit. they called a neighbor, whose son was a violent bully in my new york public school, and arranged for me to play with their son.
ma drove me in her car to 220 street in new york city. i jumped out and knocked on the door. the bully not named jule peaked out the window and shouted "dont you see the bell?"
he knew i was there so i waited for jule to unlock the door…. and waited.
next i pushed the button for the doorbell…. no sound… it was broken.
so i knocked again.
jule peaked from behind the curtain and repeated "dont you see the bell?" i reply its broken. finally he opened the door.
"hi jule, whatja playing?–"none of ya biznis" he answered tough as ever. i continued "are you watching tv?–we dont have a tv." i knew he was lying kuz i heard him talk about tv shows with a separate bully who he was friendly with.
"go home. why are you here?" he demanded. "my ma arranged for us to play together." jule cussed and then turned back and hollerd "MA WHAT THE BLEEP DID YOU GET ME INTO??"
pa hollerd back "stop yelling!" it was a distant holler. jule left me at the door and the curtain swung back to hide the window. i waited. finally ma came with jule. she opened the door and said "go play in the backyard". jule looked angry but he must obey.
we walked to the tiny city back yard. barely 2 yards wide… i mean 6 feet in this yard. all covered in a layer of poured gray cement. high cement walls separated from the neighboring yards.
in the center was a cherry tree. it was around 4 yards tall and i could see marks where low branches had been cut down like round scars.
jule said "i didn't decide which game, um, which ball to play. so climb the low branch and eat some cherries while i bring something…" as he walked away he added "i will come in ten minutes so if you're bored jump on my trampoline".
i looked up and searched for the bee hive… coming from HIM the bully he probly sent me to the bees… but i saw the branches and no beehive hung. so i climbed the low branch and picked some black fruit. the shape certainly differed from cherry in the shop and the taste differd from the cherry i had tasted in the after school study program sweet cherry candy reward, that i had quit that year. i tried to recall what the fruit-cherry tasted like but this was a thicker sweeter texture and taste. probly he lied that they were cherry but it was sweet n fruit so i picked some and waited. i looked at my digital watch to count the ten minutes. i was certain he would not return and wanted to count the minutes to see if i was wrong.
i ate some more sweet fruit and then climbed down and walked to the trampoline. i started jumping but i did not enjoy it.
suddenly a man exited the back door of the semi-detached house and shouted angrily "get off our sons trampoline!"
i jumped down and said "he let me."
pa stood quietly thinking. "well if he is sposed to play with you, and left you by yourself i am gonna SMACK that brat."
"WAIT!" I hollerd in a panic as the puzzle assembled in my mind. many combinations! which did i have time to say first?? "firstly he promised to bring a ball at 10:20" 10 minutes from when i had looked at my watch. as i hoped, pa asked "and second?" "did you know your son hits kids at school??" pa stared at me gazing "so i should hit him for 2 things. hmm." i protested "OPPOSITE!" then i explained "until now when he made you angry you hit him as a punishment." pa nodded and squinted, clearly puzzled at my long speech. i continued, "then HE hit other kids." pa repeated "i already said i would punish him." i protested "OPPOSITE!" and explained "tell him that its bad to hit…" pa echoed in a cynical tone "tell??" i hurried before he got bored "and that is why you WONT hit him." pa wrinkled his forehead and said "but the punishment is a hit." i added "he likes sweet sugary stuff, right? so that can be his punishment INSTEAD." i made two fists and moved them toward each other attaching the ideas "BECAUSE after you hit him, he hits kids… so tell him hitting in school is bad that is why you wont hit him." pa echoed "no sweets for a month, hmm?" then i lied "like my parents just for a week then if he doesnt hit he can have, as before. "i wont REWARD him for not hitting." so i explained "as before as usual". pa gazed at me clearly shocked. i had time for more "you probly give weekly money allowance. so if he does a second trouble you skip a week as a punishment." pa continued gazing then blurt out "WHAT!!" and ran inside.
had he assembled the many details? adults never listen to kids… i waited for jule.
call it a self fulfilling prophecy but as i expected he continued his familiar bully attitude and had not returned.
from the yard i heard hollering, at 1020, "jule where are you." then a long silence. i guessed that if he stopd shouting then jule must have came. i hoped they were talking. nah. he had not heard me.
finally jule walked out to the yard and accused "why did you tell my father i was sposed to come back?" "kuz he caught me on the trampoline."
"i hate you. kuz of you i cant have candy this week." he sulked clearly stifling anger. "he was gonna hit you," i hurried. i saw i had time to add, "until now he hit you. right?"
jule blinked three times…. then hollerd WHAT!!!!! and ran inside.
now what should i do? would he understand the new punishment was INSTEAD of a hit and bring a ball or was he angry so i should leave.
pa came out to the yard and told me several things. he handed me the candy bar, that he had planned on giving to jule and hissed at me "you are SUCH a KID!!"
finally he said i should go home and then in a harsh tone ordered "look at me!" then he winked one eye and screamed in angry tone "NEVER EVER jump on our trampoline. promise me you wont jump on it". "i promise," answered. "i cant hear you. PROMISE you wont use our trampoline." so i announced "i'm sorry i wont anymore." he winked and mived his hand like pushing me out of the house.
i walked thru the dark home n out the front door. i wondered "if jule saw that pa stop hitting, would he also stop hitting?" either way i got a candy out of it.
i enjoyed the sweet candy as i walked home to 240 street. my parents were not home so i noticed which channel their tv was at and flipped from channel to channel to see something interesting.
most stations were static some had boring talking… the home door was opening before i found anything, so i switched the two dials back to their position and grabd a book. i snuck out from the room as they unloaded bags of food. i snuck into my room and then from there yelled "his pa sent me home".
"get down here." i handed the book from their bedroom. and they scolded, "serves you right for being mean to their son. no surprise you have no friends. we work so hard arranging for you to have friends and you are rotten to them."
i knew i must not reply… but at least i got a candy bar.

does not belong

remember when we were ALLOWED to play the game in sesame street "which one does not belong?" g
can we play the game in sesame street "3 of these are kinda the same but one of these does not belong" here or in the ancient version simply "which one does not belong?" g

abortion stats

around a million abortions listed each year in u.s.
a. did the "u.s. constitution" say either way?
if limiting abortion is "unconstitutional" what exactly APPEARS in the document constitution on this topic? nothing !! about abortion.
the same as "me breaking your window is evil harm… same harm and worse to kill a fetus".
wat about supreme court? 7/9 s.c. ruled an escaped slave remains a slave should we keep that "judicial" supreme court precedent?
if you cant divide a line in time then do not… as soon as ma knows, then prevent harm to fetus… whether God "gave fetus life" so do not oppose God. if doubt God still, abortion still worse than me breaking your window.
which city in u.s. has highest abortion rate?
new york city "wins the prize" with more aabortions in one city then almost every other larger area state in the 50 states of u.s..
which states have the most abortions?
despite the huge population in califrnia and new york states they have so many abortions that the percentage is 22% of pregnancies in ca' that means less than 80% pregnancies were "allowed to continue".
133 thousand fetuses were aborted in california in 2017 [most recent data kuz try to hide the shame ergo delay]. 22% of pregnancies. in each ten two killed.
new york state rate like n.y.c. 31% 3 in ten pregnancies killed. harm to fetus until dead.
that is not "healing" not "health care."
second most abprtions 105 thousand in nys, despite great population 31%.
third florida 71 thousand 24%.
texas 55 thousand 13% but balancing that some texan cities voted that killing a fetus is murder… but in texas no death penalty for murder unless two in the same transcation action event.
new jersey 48 thousand 32% kuz less pregnancies and population than nys.
those top five. cal' most abortions and most in single ergo matches "cali-forni-cation!"
top ten, those 5 and:
illinois 42 thousand 22%
georgia 36k 22%
pen' 31k 19%
mar' 30k 29%
n.c. 30k 20% other states less than 30 thousand and around a miilion abortions each year in u.s.

תשעה באב "בטל" לפי ההלכה עצמה

אילו ידעו שהעיז ספר בית יוסף של רב קארו ריק ך]רש את דברי רב פפא שהצומו כולל תשעה באב בטלי במילה בטל אפילו על "תשעה באב בפרט" היו משיבים בנווכלות שעדיין חייבים לצום בטענות שונות שאני מכיר ואחשוף את הנוכלות כי באמת רב חיים חידא שמר בספרו מסורת מהמחבר בעצמו שכתב בספר תשובות בית יוסף אך צנזרו להסתיר רק לקבוע לפי ספר בית יוסף ולא לפי ספר שולחן ערוך שחשב "טעות" לקבוע לפי ספר שולחן ערוך

וזאת דוכמה כי יש הבדל ואז רק ספר בית יוסף קובע שבטל במילה בטל אפילו בדור רב פפא כי לא חידשו אחרי חורבן בית שני והעיז לכתוב את זה אך בנוכלות מלמדים כאילו חייבים לצום חלילה אך נחשב טעות כנזכר לפי ריק וחידא בעצמם

וכן דוגמה בהלכות שבת למרות ששבת מאוד חמור בהלכה הכריע אפילו מקור ספרדי ספר כף החיים בעדה של ספרד לאפשר אפילו בשבת לקפל בגד בסיבה של ספר בית יוסף ! בניגוד לספר שולחן ערוךך שנדמה שאסור כאשר מודפס על אותו דף נייר ! אך הכריע שספר בית יוסף קובע אפילו לאפשר בשבת וכן תשעה באב רק ספר בית יוסף קובע ולכן באמת לפי ההלכה עצמה בטל ונשאר רק לאכול כרגיל כי יום רגיל אחרי שבטל לפי ההלכה כבודה הלכה גורם להתנהג שונה מהדיית שלא מייצגים בנאמנות את המורשת של ההלכה של היהדות וכן להוסיף לאכול סעודת נחמה היא סעודת הבראה כמנהג אבלות ביום עשירי ואולי גם בתשיעי לסמן אבלות על המלחמה והרבה מתו… וכן לאכול טלה לסמן שפסקו לשרוף כבשים לקיים דברי ירמיה הנביא מפי אלוהי ישראל בפרק שביעי תבדוק בעצמכם! אתם אכלו עולות כי לא צויתי זבח ומאחר וזאת האמת שהקדוש ברוך הוא טרח להודיע בפי ירמיה הנביא לתקן את הדעה שנחשבת טעות בסיבה זו אין לקבל ספר שטוען שציוה למשל ספר שמות שבו זבח פסח כי נחשב טעות וכן ספר ויקרא או במדבר או דברים מאותה סיבה .

אפילו במדינת "הלכה" עדיין אפשרי

אפילו במדינת "הלכה" עדיין אפשרי
אילו רק ידעו שיש פרטים שאפילו ההלכה עצמה של הדור שלנו מאפשרת
זה לא באמת מדינת הלכה כאשר כופים על כולם מעבר להלכה רק רוע לב של רבנים ועסקני פוליטיים
ברור שבעיני החילוני מדינת הלכה היא תקלה ועוול שראוי לתקן כדי לאפשר בחירה של כול אזרח לפי ערך החירות וחופש בחירה שהממשלה לא תתערב בחיי האזרח הפרטי מלבד למנוע נזק-שאפשרי למדוד, לדומגה למנוע נזק לעובר כאשר יתבאר
רבנים שנשחבים חרדים יראי שמים "העיזו לכתוב" שאפשרי לפי ההלכה עצמה לפתוח מסעדה ביום צום לדוגמה אין מניעה הלכתית לפתוח מסעדה בצום של תשעה באב אפילו לפי ההלכה ל הדור שלנו שכבדה מהדורות הקודמים
מי העיז לכתוב את זה לא פחות מהבן של הרבי המפורסם רב עובדיה יוסף בספר ילקוט יוסף
אז ראוי במדינת הלכה "שההלכה תגרום" לפתוח מסעדות בימי צום בכלל כולל צום תשעה באב אך החוק סגר וסוגר מסעדות ובתי קפה לא רק בניגוד לערך החירות כנזכר אלא בניגוד להלכה שמאפשרת לפתוח מסעדה
ואז כול הטענות "לא תמות" אם המסעדה סגורה או שזה זלזול בבית המקדש באמת פונים כלפי רבי ירא שמי רבי יוסף
כי אפילו הוא העיז לכתוב שאפשרי
ואז במדינצ הכה ראוי לפתוח מסעדות אך רוע לב למנוע בחירה לכוף על כולם לא רק לצום ביום כיפור אלא גם לסגור מסעדות בשעה באב לאסור יור מההלכה עצמה
וכן כאשר העיז לכתוב רבי קנייבסקי בספר קריינא דאגרתא היה קשה להאמין עד שבדקתי בעצמי ואתם יכולי לבדוק
הרבי הקדוש העיז לאפשר "מקלחת מוגבלת" לשפוך מי מקלחת על הגב כדי להקל את החום כי לא עבור תענוג ולא עבור ניקיון כי אפילו אם נניח שאסור להתקלח כול השבוע של תשעה באב או מתחילת חודש אב עדיין זה להקל מהחום ששונה מתענוג ולמנוע חום שונה וההלכה מאפשרת תאפילו לאותם שמוכנים להיו בסירחון מתחילת חודש אב לתשעה ימים
אך כאשר חרדי שומע את זה הוא לא בודק בספר קריינא דאגרתא כאשר בדקתי אלא הוא משיב
טענות "לא תמות" אם לא תתקלח או שזה זלזול בבית המקדש אבל זה לא זלזול כי רב קנייבסקי ורבי יוסף לא מזלזלים בהלכה בכללל ולא בבית המקדש שמאוד כיבדו אפילו יותר ממני
ועדיין העיזו לכתוב שההלכה עצמה מאפשרת לבחור הן להתקלח כנזכר אם מוגבל לגב והן לפתוח מסעדה שלך ושל אחרים בצום בכלל כולל תשעה באב ולאפשר בחירה של האורחים ולא לכוף סגירת מסעדות בגלל דת או בגלל הלכה כי הלכה עצמה מאפשרת ובמדינת הלכה מתאים לתפוח ולאפשר כנזכר אפילו אילו כופים יום כיפור עדיין צום שונה כנזכר
ופרט שלישי שהעולם הפוך כי הדת כמו רבי אליעזר של ציץ אליעזר ואגרות משה העיזו לאפשר הפלה למרות הנזק לעובר כאשר דווקא ערך החילוני של נזק מתאים למנוע שלא יזיק רופא לעובר בכלל ובפרט להמית עובר בהריון אך הכול הפוך כי הדת מאפשרת נזק לעובר וכאן אני "מחמיר" לאסור יותר מרבי דתי כנזכר כי יש שיקול של נזק כמו שאסור לי לשבור חלון שלך כי זה נזק שניתן למדוד ככה ברית מילה או הפלה להמית עובר יש נזק אמיתי לעובר ולתינוק שניתן למדוד כמה חסר ונחשב נזק אפילו בהלכה להחסיר עור של מישהו אפילו כשיעור שעורה נחשב נזק חמור בלהכה ואפילו במדינת הלכה שמאפשרים הפלה עדיין ראוי לאפשר כנזכר מסעדה בצום כולל תשעה באב ובתי קפה וצעד רחוק עוד יותר קולנוע ששם מוכרים חטיף כמו מסעדה או בלי לאכול כמו סרט לתענוג שלא נוגד את הפרט של צום כמה צעדים רחוק וברור שכנזכר מדינת הלכה היא תקלה שפוגעת בערך החירות כנזכר אבל ראו המרחק ורוע הלב של רבני היהדות לכוף על כולם אפילו דברים שההלכה מאפשרת כנזכר מסעדה וכול הטענות של זלזול בבית המקדש והשאר פנים לרבנים שהעיזו להתיר כנזכר כי ברור אם אפילו הם העיזו לכתוב לאפשר שאין חשש הלכתי ולא נחשב זלזול בבית המקדש כנזכר
שורה תחתונה כבוד המורשת גורם לכבד א דברי ירמיה הנביא שהביא מסר כי אפילו הקדוש ברוך הוא טרח להודיע שלא צויתי זבח אלא אתם תאכלו עולותיכם כי לא יויתי וכיון שזאת האמת וטרח להודיע בפי ירמיה לכן לא נקבל ספר שטוען שציוה אלא נשמח שהפסיקו לשרו ףכבשים ונאכל טלה או ביום תאריך תשעה באב לסמן אכילת טלה וכבש כדברי אלוהי ישרראל בפי ירמיה או לפחות בימים שקודם תאריך תשעה באב או צום שלהם כאשר ביום אחר וגם לזכור שהמילה עשה והמספר עשר הוא המספר שקבע האל עבור סיפור המקדש ולא נקבל את המספר תשעה שבמשנה ושל הרבנים ולאכול בעשירי סעודת הבראה של אבל בתאריך עשירי כמספר בספר ירמיה לנחם על המלחמה ואז נמצא שכבוד המורשת גורם לאכול בתשיעי לשמוח על הפסק שריפת כבשים ועדיף לאכול טלה כנזכר וגם בעשיש כי הוא המספר שבחר אלוהי ישראל ושלח בפי ירמיה עשר אז היום להתנהג כאבל באבלות לאכול סעודת הבראה לא על אובדן בית המקדש כי כנזכר מקיימים דברי אלוהי ישראל בפי ירמיה אלא עבור המלחמה כנזכר.